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La Cosa Nostra

About La Cosa Nostra

La Cosa Nostra which means our thing or this things of ours is only associated with the American mafia. It origins originate in Sicily, Italy during medieval times to protects their selves and estates when the landlords were away. The mafia went on to help the poor and do a lot of good, but along the way became very powerful. When the power corrupted they began using violence to get whatever it was they wanted.

The members are sworn in by a strict ethical code called Omerta(for details on Omerta check The Rules). Consequences for breaking the code was death. Omerta meant silence and you are expected to live by the code. The Sicilian mafia immigrated to America in the early 1900's and set up five of the most powerful mafia families in New York City. They achieved power quickly and easily and that was by fear and intimidation. They protect their own at all cost and if someone tries to rise against the family they would be killed.

The mafia gain their primary sources of income through things like extortion, which is when a mafioso would go to a store owner and say pay me a weekly fee or be killed. Gambling, drug dealing, and the union. The union was a major aspect of the mafia and at one time the mafia had so much control that they could have brought all construction in the United States to a halt.

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